Who are we?

Redbridge’s Community Crime Commission has been set up to tackle crime and the fear of crime throughout the Borough.

Crime and safety has been the top priority for residents and this commission will work to make Redbridge safer and a place where people feel safe to work, live and carry out business.

What is the Community Crime Commission?

The Community Crime Commission is a panel of 16 commissioners, made up of local residents and people who have a strong connection to the borough, such as those who have worked in Redbridge.

What does the Community Crime Commission do?

As an independent body, the Community Crime Commission will be investigating four areas of crime and will propose solutions to help tackle the root causes of crime. This will then be adopted by the council and our partners such as the police, healthcare providers and voluntary organisations.

How is it independent from the council?

While Redbridge Council has helped with establishing the commission, they will be free to set their own agenda and recommendations. 

What powers do they have?

The commission does not have any powers of enforcement and cannot create any byelaws, but they will be creating detailed reports on their findings which can be adopted into policy by the council and other organisations including the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) as well as the Government.

Who will be working with the Community Crime Commission?

In addition to hearing evidence from external agencies such as the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC), the police and other agencies with links to tackling crime, the commission will be supported by the Community Voice group. The group, formed by Redbridge Council, is made up of a diverse collection of residents who are able to share the opinions and feedback from a wide range of Redbridge communities.

Why have we set up a Community Crime Commission?

Redbridge Council has implemented a number of successful crime tackling schemes in recent years but we are always looking to adapt and improve what we do. We acknowledge that we can’t get things right all the time and so we see the benefit in asking for the opinions of others, especially residents and improving our services on that feedback. A Community Crime Commission is the perfect way for us to link the people of Redbridge into our policy making.



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