What is 'ThisHasToStop'?

Definition of sexual harassment

The legal definition of sexual harassment is when someone carries out unwanted sexual behaviour towards another person that makes them feel upset, scared, offended or humiliated.

It is also when someone carries out this behaviour with the intention of making someone else feel that way. This means that it can still be sexual harassment even if the other person didn’t feel upset, scared, offended or humiliated.

What is the campaign and why is it important?

In recent years too many women in Redbridge have suffered at the hands of violent men, from the tragic and violent murders of Maria Rawlings and Zara Aleena to the everyday micro-aggressions that leave women and girls uneasy walking our streets.

We have redoubled our commitment to tackling violence against women and girls by launching ThisHasToStop, a multi-year initiative to challenge sexist behaviour.

The campaign builds on the work of the Community Crime Commission, where residents reviewed crime across the borough and made recommendations for cutting crime and improving lives locally. Increasing the safety of women and girls was one of the Commission’s top priorities. We are determined to deliver on this objective and have launched a new manifesto for women and girls.

ThisHasToStop is informed by the experiences of local women and backed up by research into what works in preventing violent behaviours. It encompasses a wide ranging programme of activities, which will be delivered across council departments and in partnership with schools, community groups and businesses.

This campaign marks the start of a three year plan to transform the day-to-day experiences of women and girls. 

Learn more about the ways in which local authorities use behavioural insights (PDF 80.2KB)